The Science Park starts to manage the UFRJ Center of Biotechnology


Since February 1, 2019, the UFRJ Center of Biotechnology has been temporarily managed by the Science Park, and, therefore, the companies housed there have now access to services and interaction activities with the university developed by the Park. In May 2018, the partnership of Bio-Rio Foundation, the former manager of the Center, with UFRJ ended. As UFRJ decided to manage the Center, the 34 companies presently housed there begin now a transition period whose duration is still indefinite, so that the companies can adapt to the processes and services offered by the UFRJ Science Park.
The UFRJ Science Park is an innovation environment inside UFRJ which allows the interaction between the university and the companies, turning knowledge into jobs and income and offering innovative products and services to society. A company housed in the Park must, mandatorily, keep a research and development relationship with UFRJ in order to be able to establish partnerships capable of fostering innovations. The Park also follows up the management of the small and medium-sized companies installed and carries out activities to encourage the relationship between resident organizations and all the other interested publics.