Admission Process

The UFRJ Technology Park offers two installation modalities for companies that work in the research and development area, non-profit organizations and other companies that maintain relations with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ):

1. Real Estate

In the case of occupation of a land, will be published edital – exposed in the site – with the rules for the selection process. The model, in this case, is of concession of use with the UFRJ.

2. Shared Buildings

This is a modality where the interested company can obtain assignment of use of spaces in buildings in the commercial format (room) or shed. You can apply for micro, small, medium, medium-large or large companies. In the case of micro, small and medium sized companies and from incubators, there are differentiated costs and services. This whole process is described in this Public Call.

Frequently Asked Questions

These doubts refer only to shared buildings

1. What is a Continuous Public Call?
This is a form of supply of space for installation on an ongoing basis. That is, as long as space is available, companies interested in installing themselves can submit their proposals for evaluation.

2. How do I know if there is space available and all the procedures to apply?
The public disclosure is through publication on the UFRJ Technology Park site and the Coppetec Foundation . It is important to note that at any time during the Call period is open, including any extensions, it may be revoked or canceled, in whole or in part, or added and revised at the discretion of the Coppetec Foundation or at the request of the Park Technological.

3. Who can apply?
The purpose of this Call is to select national companies or non-profit organizations engaged in research and development activities. The companies will be classified according to the following modalities and sizes, based on gross operating revenue, as shown in the table below: – Micro, small and medium enterprises: annual gross operating revenue less than or equal to R $ 90 million. – Medium-large and large companies: annual gross operating revenue greater than R $ 90 million.

In addition to the above categories, the subcategory “Post Incubated”, that is, companies that have been exiting for a year or less in a business incubator, is also considered in this call.

4. What documentation do I need??
The “A” volume should contain the following Qualification Documents:

  • Legal Entity
  • Fiscal Regularity
  • Inspection Certificate Preliminary
  • The volume “B” will contain the Technical Proposal, which should be forwarded in accordance with the Roadmap for Submission of Technical Qualification Documentation Micro, Small, Medium, Medium-Large and Large Enterprise (Annex III of the Public Call).