Special Projects

Special Projects are initiatives that promote interdisciplinary interactions between different areas of UFRJ and the Park. They are created and/or supported by the Park.

Projects currently supported

Short Circuit Gallery of Public Art

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The Short Circuit Gallery of Public Art is an initiative of the UFRJ Science Park in a partnership with the School of Fine Arts (EBA/UFRJ) and Vallourec. In the 350 thousand square meters of the Park Works made by professors and students from the School of Fine Arts and by national and international renown artists will be exhibited. The idea of the Project is to transform the Park into an area of art experimentation, combined with technology and innovation. Learn more about the project and the works of art here.

Course “Special Topics on Science and Culture in/and Society” (Tópicos Especiais em Ciência e Cultura e(m) Sociedade).

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The UFRJ Science Park supported the course “Special Topics on Science and Culture in/and Society” (Tópicos Especiais em Ciência e Cultura e(m) Sociedade), carried out by the Brazilian College for High Studies, in a partnership with Forum of Science and Culture and the Pro-Rectory of Graduate Studies and Research (PR-2). The main goal of the course was to create a place where UFRJ graduate students from different knowledge fields could get together so as to stimulate interdisciplinary studies, considered essential in the quest for scientific advances. The course was offered in the first semester of 2017.

Learn more here:  http://cbae.ufrj.br/index.php/programas/ccs/cursoccs

Park Recycles

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The project Park Recycles – Practicing Sustainability was designed by the UFRJ Science Park in a partnership with the Program CCS Recycles and the Laboratory of Applied Ecology of the Biology Institute. The implementation of a project focused on the adoption of internal practices of sustainability and of environment-friendly disposal of residues goes further than what is required by law. In addition to promoting the social-economic empowerment of the collectors’ cooperatives, the Project aims to subsidize the elaboration of research at the Center for the Selection and Processing of Recyclable products of the Science Park (CTB), which reinforces the initiatives of circular economy, contributing for the production of upcycle strategies (transform disposed objects into new products), remanufacturing, repairing/reuse, etc.
Learn more about the Park’s Sustainability actions  here.

UFRJ Challenges

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UFRJ Desafia

UFRJ Challenges is a group that gathers the most numerous competition teams of the UFRJ Polytechnic School, aiming at promoting information exchange, resources sharing and the quest for constant improvement.
The group was founded five years ago and brings together teams with a lot of experience in their competition categories. Some of these groups have been formed for more than 10 years. Despite all difficulties, the organization and unity of the group have been essential to rank these teams among the best in the country in their categories.

UFRJ Challenges is currently formed by the following teams:

  • Minerva Bots;
  • Ícarus Formula SAE;
  • Minerva Aerodesign;
  • Minerva Baja;
  • Solar Brasil;
  • Minerva Náutica

Learn more here.

Sport Representation Program

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The Sport Representation Program – PER is an institutional program for sports and physical activity designed for UFRJ students and developed in a partnership by the Sport, Culture and Leisure Division (Divisão de Esporte, Cultura e Lazer – Decult) and the School of Physical Education and Sports (EEFD). Its role is to promote and facilitate sports activities of undergraduate and graduate students in university competitions recognized by state (FEURJ) and national (CBDU) sports bodies.
The modalities supported by the project are: Basketball, Soccer, Futsal (Five-a-side), Handball, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, Swimming, Rugby, Tennis, Volleyball and Chess.

Learn more here.

Research Fellowship Program for Middle Schools (Programa de Bolsas de Iniciação Científica para o Ensino Médio – PIBIC EM)

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PIBIC EM is a fellowship program designed for middle school students or professionals working in public schools, which aims at instigating youth’s scientific vocation and at encouraging potential talents through their participation in scientific and/or technological education actions (supervised by qualified researchers from higher education institutions, institutes or research centers). The Park doubled the number of places offered as well as the amount of money of the grants. In 2015, 158 grants were offered, and in 2016 this number jumped to 271. The program is supported by the UFRJ Science Park and implemented by the Pro-Rectory of Research and Graduate Studies (PR-2).

Learn more about PIBIC-EM here.”

Projects supported in the past

Research about the sociological profile of university students in Brazil

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In 2015, the UFRJ Science Park supported the research carried out by ANDIFES/FONAPRACE, with the help of UFRJ students, about the sociological profile of university students in Brazil.
Learn more about the UFRJ actions directed to students here.

Gilberto Velho Dissertation Prize

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The Gilberto Velho Dissertation Prize is supported by the UFRJ Science Park ever since its beginning, in 2013. The project, in a partnership with Pro-Rectory for Graduate Studies and Research, awards the five best Ph.D. dissertations defended each year from five different areas: Life Sciences, Technological and Nature Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Letters and Arts, and Innovative Dissertation. Each winner is awarded a prize of R$ 10,000 and their advisors get a trip to participate in scientific events.

Soccer Field of the Vila Residencial of UFRJ

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In 2015, the UFRJ Science Park, in a partnership with the Residents Association and Friends of the Vila Residencial (AMAVILA), rebuilt the soccer field of the Vila Residencial of the UFRJ employees. The soccer field was used as a building site in the years of 2010 and 2011, a period during which a clean-up project of the Guanabara Bay took place.

Learn more about the actions developed by AMAVILA.


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The UFRJ Science Park, in a partnership with the UFRJ Agency for Innovation and a group of students from the university, created the UFRJ HUB – a networked laboratory for experimental projects. The initiative works as a hub for hundreds of entrepreneurial movements by students and features a Makerspace (a workshop for collective use), a FabLab (a workshop for digital projects) and a MediaLab (a laboratory for interdisciplinary projects in several areas, such as design, the arts, communication, etc).

The Space wants to be a reference for those who wish to innovate in their fields and need help in developing their activities. This is a support network for social projects, startups and collaborative projects. In December 2016, the UFRJ HUB Space was opened with a series of events in the Park, including a Sustainability Hackathon that lasted three days and resulted in five solutions that will, eventually, be used in the Park.

According to a research carried out by the HUB in 2016, today UFRJ has 1.100 entrepreneurial initiatives, which include 146 institutionalized organizations (junior enterprises, leagues, competition teams, etc) and 954 independent projects (startups, social projects, cultural projects, etc). There are 14 junior enterprises and 10 competition teams.

Participation in the Cannes Film Festival

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In 2017, the UFRJ Science Park sponsored the trip of two students from the UFRJ School of Communication (ECO) to the Cannes Film Festival, in France. Two short films made by students to the Direction and Audiovisual Production subjects, of the Radio and TV course, were selected to participate in the 20th edition of the Short Film Corner, a non-competitive exhibition of the Cannes Festival. The films selected were: “O Poste” and “Mercadoria”.

“Mercadoria”, directed by Carla Villa-Lobos, shows the experiences, fears and desires of six prostitutes based on the vision of a newly-arrived one. The film is set between the frontiers of fiction and documentary.  Learn more about the film “Mercadoria”.

“O Poste”, directed by Lucas Abreu and co-directed by Gabriela Giffoni, discusses how deficiency in human relationships in modern times leads the characters to disburden their hearts with a pole (poste). This is the second participation of the School of Communication in the Festival.  Learn more about the film “O Poste”.

The short film “Sublime Cor do Teu Silêncio”, directed by Fernando Fernandes, participated in the 2015 edition.

House of Science

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Em 2016, o Parque Tecnológico da UFRJ apoiou a Casa da Ciência na realização de estudos preliminares para seu projeto de expansão. In 2016, the UFRJ Science Park supported the House of Science carrying out preliminary studies for its expansion project. The House of Science – UFRJ Cultural Center of Science and Technology is a center to popularize Science that explores different fields of knowledge through different languages: exhibitions, seminars, lectures, courses, workshops, audiovisual and theater. Its greatest challenge is to encourage the visitors to make their own discoveries, based on activities that trigger curiosity and invite them to question and search for answers.

Learn more about the House of Science  here.

Art on campus

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livros meus_mg_0630280215_mini

In 2015, the UFRJ Science Park, together with the School of Fine Arts (EBA) and the UFRJ Marine Center created the exhibition Memories of the River Dolphin, a project which was included in the official 450 year celebration calendar of the city of Rio de Janeiro. From March 28 through May 30 of 2015, the University campus hosted an exhibition of 45 sculptures of river dolphins, made from glass fiber by experts from the UFRJ Naval Architecture Laboratory, and painted by artists, professors and students from the School of Fine Arts. All were inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s icons, regions, characters or historical landscapes to create their artworks.

Learn more about the exhibition here.

Competition for Sustainable Solutions

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The UFRJ Science Park sponsored the Competition for Sustainable Solutions awards, an initiative of Fundo Verde (Green Fund), which chose 4 innovative and low cost sustainable ideas to be implemented on Fundão island. The Fundo Verde, a laboratory installed within the Park area, is supported by ICMS (Brazilian State Excise Tax) relief resources derived from the University’s electrical usage, an annual fund of around 7 million reais. The tax money is delivered back to the University under the condition of being reinvested in environmental projects designed to reduce electricity consumption and to generate sustainable alternatives. Among the initiatives implemented by the Fundo Verde we have the biodiesel van – produced with cooking oil collected from UFRJ restaurants–; the campus bike lane, the hydrogen bus and the electrical car.

The competition aimed at encouraging students, professors and workers from UFRJ to develop projects on Water, Mobility and Energy. The following projects won the competition: “LED Lamps installation in common areas at the University Technological Center”, led by Douglas Machado; “Carpool: unifying and expanding the number of rides in the University”, by Manuel Meyer and team; “Projeto Inova ETE: material and energy resources sustainable plant”, by professor Issac Volschan Junior and team; and “Distiller water reuse process and CCS (Health Science Center) low flow devices installation”, developed by Lucas Pinho.

Activities developed by the Park

The Parque Verde (Green Park) Program

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Parque Verde (Green Park) Program is responsible for permanently maintaining and preserving biodiversity. The result of this program is the vegetable garden that meets the requirements and internal demands of production and of landscape design of all the Park’s green areas, establishing itself as the main supplier of seedlings and fertilized land of the Park (produced with composting of pruning waste). In 2016, the Park expanded its green area by planting more than 50 trees of three species of the Atlantic Rainforest.

Cultural and Gastronomic Fair

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Three editions of the Cultural and Gastronomic Fair of the Park happened throughout the year of 2016. This is a project developed in a partnership with the Gastronomy Department of UFRJ. One of its goal is to promote the interaction between people. The fair had the participation of works created by students of the Gastronomy course; presentations of the representatives of Universidade das Quebradas; presentations of some extension projects of the university such as: UFRJ Challenges; Storytellers students from IPPMG; ATIVIDA; the UFRJ Agroecology Fair; as well as food trucks and bands formed with UFRJ students.

Parque Sangue Bom

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In 2016 the first blood donation campaign was carried out in a partnership with Hemorio.UFRJ professors and students participated in the event as well as employees of the Park’s resident companies and of the Coppe/UFRJ Business Incubator, researchers of the university laboratories and collaborators of the Park’s and Incubator’s Administration.

In the first semester of 2017 the second campaign was carried out.

Program for Audience Education

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The Program for audience education was created in 2015 in a partnership with Rio de Janeiro State Department of Culture and aims at stimulating the Park’s collaborators to attend artistic performances and exhibitions. Learn more about the activities of the Department here.”

The Environment Week

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The World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5, and aims to promote activities to protect and preserve the environment.
Due to the relevance of this date, the UFRJ Science Park organizes the Environment Week every year, aiming at spreading this discussion.

Click here to learn more about the project.

The Social June outdoor festival (Arraiá Social)

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Since 2013 the Science Park has organized a Social June Festival aiming at increasing integration between the Park and the companies as well as calling on resources for social university extension projects.
In 2013 and 2014, the funds were allocated in the Project of University Extension – Vacation Course to Public School teachers and students. The Vacation Courses are carried out by the Institute of Medical Biochemistry during the July and January school vacations for Elementary School and High School teachers and High School students. They are practical courses, coordinated by professors of the Institute and monitored by the graduate students, and offer the opportunity for a differentiated learning in the areas of natural sciences and health.
Learn more about the courses

In 2015, the university extension Project supported was the storytellers students from IPPMG/UFRJ (Martagão Gesteira Pediatrics and Childcare Institute). The goal of this initiative is to bring happiness and entertainment to the hospital environment through children’s book reading.

Learn more about the project here.