Mission, Values and Vision 2045

In 2016, in collaboration with a team of consultants, experts and partners, the UFRJ Science Park elaborated its Strategic Plan 2016-2045. A series of action plans was defined to ensure the continuity of the Park as an agent to turn research into real goods to society. As part of the work developed, the concepts of Mission, Value and Vision 2045 were restructured.
Reinforce the innovation capacity of the ecosystem to create wealth and well-being to society within an environment of connections of entrepreneurial initiatives and generation of knowledge.
commitment to innovation We generate innovation that has an impact on the improvement of entrepreneurial, social and academic environments. Colaboration We connect the links of the innovation networks in the generation of knowledge and technology. ENTREPRENEURIAL ATTITUDE We are proactive and persevering in reinforcing the innovation ecosystem.
Vision for 2045

The Science Park is a dynamic and diverse environment that generates relevant innovations for the economic, social and environmental development. Within this Vision, the main action attributes of the UFRJ Science Park are:

PROTAGONISM Active and anticipatory attitude to boost the global innovation networks;

DIVERSITY Environment with cultural diversity made up of national and international companies of different sizes connected to UFRJ research groups and articulated with entrepreneurs and investors;

DYNAMISM Environment with great capacity for renovation, full of life, characterized by its dynamism and lightness.