Ambev Reasearch Center in the Park starts renewable energy supply


Opened in August, 2018 in the Park, the Center for Brewing Innovation and Technology of Ambev (Centro de Inovação e Tecnologia Cervejeira – CIT) finished installing more than two thousand  solar panels on the roof, a project capable of producing enough energy  to supply in a 100% the operations of the center during the day, when there is a higher sun incidence. “In 2018, we had already announced other initiatives  that contribute to this objective, such as the construction of a solar energy plant in Minas Gerais, which will fully supply the operations of our 13 Center of Direct Distribution in the state, and the use of electric  trucks in 35% of  our partner fleet”, says the director of CIT and master-brewer Daniel Baumann to the website of Exame. Located in a 15 thousand square meter area, with investments of around R$ 180 million, the Center for Brewing Innovation has the task of developing new beers, recipes, packages and other beverages. Around 80 people, including more than 10 master-brewers, are constantly thinking about which beer will be launched next in the Brazilian market.