The Executive Board of the UFRJ Science Park is supported by a team consisted of 48 employees distributed in seven management functional offices and advisory services. 25 outsourced employees complete the Park’s team and they work in the property security and landscape gardening areas.

Executive Management

Vicente Ferreira


Holder of a Doctorate’s Degree in Economics, Master’s, Specialist’s and Bachelor’s Degrees in Administration. Vicente is a professor at the Coppead Institute of Administration, where besides having ministered courses in the fields of Corporate Finances, he was vice-director of Executive Education and director of the Institute. Currently, he is the coordinator of the lato sensu courses Executive MBA and Coppead Finances. Vicente has developed research in the fields of Corporate Performance Assessment and Accounting Systems for Management Decision Making. Today his main interests are related to the theme of valuation of startups. He has professional experience in the areas of purchase, planning, management control and business performance evaluation in multinational, public and private companies.

Corporate Articulation Management

Lucimar Dantas

Corporate Articulation Manager

This sector is responsible for the interaction between the Park’s companies with schools/research groups of UFRJ. It establishes direct and constant connections aiming at fostering cooperation between the university and the companies. It mediates the contact between the company and UFRJ foundations (COPPETEC - Coordination of Projects, Researches and Technological Studies and FUJB – José Bonifácio Foundation). It promotes events and meetings with the objective of encouraging the relationship between the organizations resident within the Park and the other audiences. Prospects companies for insertion in the innovative ecosystem of the Science Park.

Administrative and Financial Management

Lindalva Oliveira

Administrative and Financial Manager

This sector is responsible for the Science Park administrative and financial organization, as well as for following up its steakholders’ interests at COPPETEC (Coordination of Projects, Researches and Technological Studies) Foundation and at UFRJ. Its major activities are the planning and follow-up of the finances, biddings, contracts, purchases, properties, human resources and documentation management.

Operational Management

Helena da Silva Rodrigues

Operations Manager

Responsible for all the infrastructure of the Park. The main activities consist of the following areas: maintenance of the shared buildings, urban and building conservation, landscape gardening, property security, fire safety and IT (Information Technology).

Management of Architecture and Urbanism Projects

Teresa Costa

Manager of Architecture and Urbanism Design Projects

This sector is responsible for the design and management of the Park’s architecture, urbanism and engineering projects. Furthermore, it is responsible for establishing land use and occupation regulations and for having them approved by the Architecture Committee as well as for the analysis of all architectural and landscape projects of the companies applying for a location within the UFRJ Science Park.

Legal Advising

Carolina Fontoura

Legal Manager

This sector is responsable for the legal advising of the UFRJ Science Park in the Administrative, Civil and Corporate Law area. It works in the interface with the companies that are located in the Park, with a focus on consulting, drafting of contracts, opinions and bidding documents, as well as legal analysis of research, development and innovation projects. Furthermore, it aides the Executive Management in the legal subjects regarding the innovation area and governance at the UFRJ Science Park.

Public Relations

Aline Calamara

Public Relations Manager

This sector is responsible for the internal and external communication of the Park and of the Business Incubator. It coordinates the communication and press team when carrying out the following activities: development of internal communication tools, relationship with both national and international media, actions and content for social media, institutional visits and event production.

Management of Institutional Development

Leonardo Melo

Institutional Development Manager

This sector is responsible for articulating the corporate governance system with the management model, focusing on strategic management, promoting innovation ecosystem and economic, social and environmental sustainability actions. The sector works as a project management office, reporting directly to the CEO, and developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating partnerships and projects that may foster institutional development.