Twist, a Park’s company, starts an artificial intelligence project at the Museum of Tomorrow


Twist, a resident company at the UFRJ Science Park, is participating in the exhibition “AYA and its world of creative artificial intelligences” at the Lab of Tomorrow’s Activities – LAA, a place for experiments at the Museum of Tomorrow. The company was responsible for implementing, fine-tuning and installing Artificial Intelligence experiments with playful, educational and interactive examples that show the operation of artificial intelligence and its functionality for the society in general. The place received a large glass structure with mapped projection, aiming at creating a light installation with a futuristic design. Inside the structure, visitors will have the opportunity to understand in practical terms how the training process of an AI works and how they can work collaboratively with human beings, by utilizing tools capable of reading facial expressions, composing songs according to each one’s taste, working on the creation of abstract paintings, etc.