Special Projects

Environment Week


The World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 of each year, and aims at promoting activities to protect and preserve the environment, as well as calling the attention of the population and government of each country to the dangers caused by mistreating Mother Nature.
For this reason, the UFRJ Science Park organized the Environment Week which was celebrated from June 1 to 3, 2015.

Story tellers students from IPPMG (Martagão Gesteira Pediatrics and Childcare Institute)


Since 2013, the UFRJ Science Park has supported the university extension course project called Story Tellers Students from the Martagão Gesteira Pediatrics and Childcare Institute (IPPMG)/UFRJ, which aims to bring back to the hospital an environment of joy and entertainment through children’s books reading. The project, developed in 2008, has already worked with 563 volunteer students from many different courses. To date, more than 43 thousand people have benefitted from this action.

Social June outdoor festival


Since 2013, the Science Park has been organizing a collaborative June outdoor festival for charity to call on resources to be allocated for university extension course projects and/or for projects with social relevance and impact.
In 2015, the resources were used to fund the University Extension Course Project – Story Tellers Students from Martagão Gesteira Pediatrics and Childcare Institute (IPPMG)/UFRJ. Around 400 people were present in the festival and the Coppe/UFRJ Business Incubator companies participated as well. R$ 11,949.60 reais were raised and will be transferred to the Institute. The major goal is to turn the hospital environment into a more joyful and entertaining one through the reading of children’s books. Currently, the IPPMG has 250 children hospitalized who suffer from highly complex diseases.

Gilberto Velho Dissertation Prize


The Gilberto Velho Dissertation Prize is supported by the UFRJ Science Park ever since its beginning, in 2013. The project, in a partnership with Pro-Rectory for Graduate Studies and Research, awards the five best Ph.D. dissertations defended each year from five different areas: Life Sciences, Technological and Nature Sciences, Social and Human Sciences, Letters and Arts, and Innovative Dissertation. Each winner is awarded a prize of R$ 10,000 and their advisors get a trip to participate in scientific events.


UFRJ Challenges

UFRJ Desafia

In 2014 the Science Park sponsored the “UFRJ Challenges” project, which brings together academic competition teams from UFRJ Technological Center.

The five teams to participate in the Project are:

Minerva Bots: development of robots to participate in international fighting competitions;

Ícarus: design and building of “formula” car prototypes;

Minerva Aerodesign: construction of aircrafts designed for competition at the Air Force Technological Center, in São José dos Campos (SP);

Minerva Baja: development of off-road vehicles prototypes for national competition; and
Solar Brasil: construction of solar energy-powered competition boats.

Art on campus

livros meus_mg_0630280215_mini

The UFRJ Science Park sponsored the Memórias do Boto (Memories of the River Dauphin) event, a Project which was included in the official 450 year celebration calendar of the city of Rio de Janeiro. From March 28 through May 30 of 2015, the University campus hosted an exhibition of 45 sculptures of river dolphins, made from glass fiber by experts from the UFRJ Naval Architecture Laboratory, and painted by artists, professors and students from the Fine Arts School. All were inspired by Rio de Janeiro’s icons, regions, characters or historical landscapes to create their artworks.

Performance Teams


In 2014, the UFRJ Science Park supported UFRJ Representative Sports, an activity that has existed for 40 years and includes students who represent UFRJ in the Brazilian university sports competitions. The Park helped to purchase uniforms and materials for the teams who played men’s soccer, women’s and men’s five-a-side football, men’s and women’s handball, men’s and women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s athletics and men’s and women’s basketball. Currently, about 350 student-athletes participate in the project.


Competition for Sustainable Solutions – Fundo Verde (Green Fund) of UFRJ


The UFRJ Science Park sponsored the Competition for Sustainable Solutions awards, an initiative of Fundo Verde, which chose 4 innovative and low cost sustainable ideas to be implemented on Fundão island. The Fundo Verde, a laboratory installed within the Park area, is supported by ICMS (Brazilian State Excise Tax) relief resources derived from the University’s electrical usage, an annual fund of around 7 million reais. The tax money is delivered back to the University under the condition of being reinvested in environmental projects designed to reduce electricity consumption and to generate sustainable alternatives. Among the initiatives implemented by the Fundo Verde we have the biodiesel van – produced with cooking oil collected from UFRJ restaurants–; the campus bike lane, the hydrogen bus and the electrical car.

The competition aimed at encouraging students, professors and workers from UFRJ to develop projects on Water, Mobility and Energy. The following projects won the competition: “LED Lamps installation in common areas at the University Technological Center”, led by Douglas Machado; “Carpool: unifying and expanding the number of rides in the University”, by Manuel Meyer and team; “ETE Project: material and energy resources sustainable plant ”, by professor Issac Volschan Junior and team; and “Distiller water reuse process and CCS (Health Science Center) low flow devices installation”, developed by Lucas Pinho.

Research Fellowship Program for Middle Schools (Programa de Bolsas de Iniciação Científica para o Ensino Médio – PIBIC EM)

PIBIC EM is a fellowship program designed for middle school students which aims at instigating youth’s scientific vocation and at encouraging potential talents. These students are supervised by UFRJ professors. The Park doubled the number of places offered as well as the amount of money of the grants.