? Companies and the University

Up to the present, the companies located in the UFRJ Science Park have signed 348 contracts with laboratories, schools and faculty members of the University. R$ 132 million were invested in these partnerships.

? High-qualification

Ever since its opening, more than 2 thousand people were hired by the companies located in the Park. On average, from this total, 400 have a Master’s degree and/or a Ph.D.

? Qualified investment

The 14 large companies located in the Park invested more than R$ 900 million in the construction, establishment and operation of its research and development centers.

? Reference

In 2014 and 2015 alone, the UFRJ Science Park has already received more than 1300 national and international visitors, which includes representatives from other education institutions, representatives from city, state and federal governments, heads of state, international missions, consulates and embassies, besides a number of Brazilian and international actors in the innovation environment. This interest reflects the relevance of the Park within its field of business.

? Entrepreneurship that creates results

In 2014, the Business Incubator of Coppe (Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering) /UFRJ, a relevant part of the Park, has completed 20 years in operation and has reached the 90 mark of created companies. Presently, there are 25 companies settled in the Incubator and, in 2014, the 27 residents together had, so far, receipts of approximately 10 million reais.

? Innovation generating benefits for society

In April of 2015 an innovating initiative was launched to work on solutions to the problems of the city of Rio de Janeiro – The Center of Studies in Intelligent Cities. The action, led by Coppead UFRJ (Graduate School of Business), has also partners such as the city of Rio de Janeiro Municipality and EMC², a big data company located in the UFRJ Science Park. This company is responsible for the integration of public data aiming at creating solutions based on information technology for the city’s daily problems, such as traffic and public security.

? Innovation born in the Park

•  The multinational company FMC Technologies developed a pioneering system: the Water-Oil Subsea Separator (WOSS), used in the Marlim Sul oil field (one of Brazil’s greatest oil producers). The equipment – the sole in operation in the world – separates oil from water and sand that come together during the extraction process.


• The Ambidados company, a medium-sized enterprise located in the Park, developed the Meteo-oceanographic Buoy, used to collect data in real time in any place in the ocean, collecting data related to oceanography aiming at assisting the offshore market with highly reliable information. 


•  Oilfinder, company resident in the Business Incubator of Coppe (Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering) /UFRJ, developed pioneering technology capable of finding the location of sources of oil on the seabed, using only remote technologies, thus preventing all environmental and operational risks associated with the vessels and equipment logistics.


• SeaHorse, a company resident in the Business Incubator of Coppe (Institute for Graduate Studies and Research in Engineering)/UFRJ, created an innovating system capable of generating electricity using ocean waves. This very same technology can also be used to desalinate seawater and, thus, produce potable water for human and industrial consumption, as well as for irrigation.