Infrastructure and services


The main mission of the UFRJ Science Park is to promote the interaction between the companies that are settled in the park and the academic environment, generating wealth for society through the promotion of innovation. Therefore, we have a team that is specialized in doing that as well as in attracting new opportunities of research, development and production of innovative goods and services;
We identify and promote opportunities for the interaction between the companies and academia. In addition to stimulating entrepreneurship by means of activities of business management and fund raising, we also focus on the expansion of networking.
This environment of entrepreneurship and innovation offers the right infrastructure to welcome and accommodate small and medium high-tech companies as well as management support to aid business growth.

UFRJ Science Park works in compliance with the environmental regulations in force and owns different spaces, buildings and ample environments for socializing.

  • CE_TIC Business Center

The four-storey building with a total area of 2800 m is suited to small and medium sized companies in individual offices or in the coworking space. It has central air conditioning system, high floors, individual electrical boards in each room, a large, mapped area of structured cables, Wi-Fi and an IP telephony system. Moreover, the size of its rooms can be customized. Check the tender  for individual offices here and the tender for the coworking space here.

  • MP Business Center

This building is suited to companies with a semi-industrial profile and which need space and height appropriate for the installation of the infrastructure that is necessary to the production of their goods and services. The area of 3.100 m2 contains ten modules of 200 m2 each and 8-meter-high ceilings. 750 m2 are currently still available for rent. Check the tender here.

centro empresarial MP


The administration building of the Park has two auditoriums holding 70 people. Several activities can take place here, such as seminars, courses, exhibitions and workshops. The companies that are located in the Park can book this space when available.



The Couve-Flor restaurant was selected by means of a tender and holds 300 people. This place has become the meeting point for the academic community and the corporate world.



  • Promotion of the interaction between the companies of the Park and of Coppe Business Incubator and the research units of UFRJ;
  • Establishment of direct and ongoing channels for the promotion of the cooperation between the university and the business world, so as to provide the guidelines and monitor the results from that interaction;
  • Contact mediation between companies and UFRJ university foundation Coppetec (Coordination of Projects, Researches and Technological Studies), so as to establish cooperation contracts;
  • Management support for the small and medium companies settled in the Park;
    • Activities that aim at stimulating the relationship between resident organizations of the Park and other interested audiences;
    • Aid in the expansion of the companies’networking, especially of the small companies that are in an early stage of development;
    • Complete operational infrastructure:  cleaning and public lightening, 24/7 security, garbage collection, civil and electrical maintenance of common areas;
    • Access to the Park auditorium which holds up to 70 people;
    • Support of potential companiesin the selection of spaces and follow-up of the selection process until the signing of the contract.
    • Promotion and stimulation of sharing of experiences gained by the resident companies in their partnerships with UFRJ by means of project performance assessment.

Check the list of tenders issued by the UFRJ Science Park.