Admission Process

The UFRJ Science Park offers companies engaged in R&D, non-profit organizations and other companies that collaborate with the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) two ways for them to settle in the Park:

1. Lands
For the occupation of land, tenders are published in the Park’s website – – which provide details on the selection process. In this case, the mode for setting up in the Park corresponds to the concession of use with UFRJ.

2. Shared Buildings
Alternatively, interested companies can obtain assignment use of spaces in commercial buildings (rooms) or warehouses.
Micro, small, medium and big-sized companies can apply. Micro, small and medium-sized companies that come from incubators are offered differentiated services and prices.
All this process is described in this Public Call.


FAQ on shared buildings only

1. What is an Ongoing Public Call?
An ongoing public call is a way of offering space for the installation on a continuous basis, i.e. so long as space is available, companies that wish to set up in the Park can submit their proposals for evaluation.

2. How do I know if spaces are available and what is the admission process like?
Information is made available through the websites of UFRJ Science Park and of Coppetec Foundation. Please note that the Call may be entirely or partially cancelled or revoked or even edited and revised during the period while it is open and even during potential extensions, in Coppetec Foundation’s discretion or at the Science Park’s request.

3. Who can apply?
The goal of the Call is to select national companies or non-profit organizations that are engaged in R&D activities. The companies will be classified according to the following modes and sizes based on the gross operational income, as shown in the table below:
– Micro, small and medium-sized companies: yearly gross operation income should be lower than or equal to 90 million reais.
– Medium-big and big-sized companies: yearly gross operation income should be over 90 million reais.

In addition to the categories above, the call also takes into account the subcategory of “Post-incubated companies”, i.e. those companies that left a business incubator in a time period of a year or less.

4.Which documents do I need?
In volume “A” you need to include the following Qualification Documents:

Legal License

Tax Good Standing

Certificate of Preliminary Inspection

In volume “B” you need to submit a Technical Proposal in accordance with the Guidelines for the Submission of Technical Qualification Documentation for Micro, Small, Medium and Big-sized Companies, which you can find in Appendix III of the Public Call.