Map of the UFRJ campus

UFRJ Science Park

Center for Health Sciences (CCS)


University Hospital

University Restaurant

University City Hall

CENPES (Petrobras Research Center) II

CENPES (Petrobras Research Center) I

Center for Mathematics and Nature Sciences

Center for Technology

Coordination of Projects, Researches and Technological Studies Foundation

Faculty of Letters

Nahid Mesquita Square


Business Incubator of Coppe

Access gate 1 (Entrance Exit)

Access gate 3 (Entrance Exit)

Access gate 3 (Entrance)

Ponte do Saber (Exit)

Access gate 2 (Entrance Exit)

Access to the Science Park:

Brigadeiro Trompowski Avenue:

Access gate 1


Access gate 2


Linha Amarela road

Access gate 3


Linha Vermelha road

Access gate 3


Ponte do Saber


Access by car:

From Rio de Janeiro International Airport – Galeão

Head towards Brasil Avenue and turn left before it. There are traffic signs indications.

From Brasil Avenue

In Bonsucesso district there are traffic signs indicating the entrance to the University, near Oswaldo Cruz Foundation.

From Linha Vermelha road

Heading towards downtown – the entrance is close to the University Hospital, near Ilha do Governador district;
Towards the north part of the city – after passing São Cristóvão district the entrance is the first exit on the right hand side.

From Linha Amarela road

The road ends inside the University, near Petrobras Technology Center.

Access by bus:

Bus route 322 – Castelo-Zumbi (via Cais do Porto).
Bus route 324 – Castelo-Ribeira ( via Presidente Vargas Avenue).
Bus route 326 – Castelo-Bancários (via Presidente Vargas Avenue).
Bus route 328 – Castelo-Bananal (via Presidente Vargas Avenue).
Bus route 485 – Penha-General Osório square (Linha Vermelha).
Bus route 634 – Saens Peña-Freguesia.
Bus route 696 – Méier-Praia do Dendê.
Bus route 905 – Irajá-Bonsucesso.
Bus route 907 – Pavuna-Bonsucesso.
Bus route 911 – UFRJ campus-Bonsucesso.
Bus route 932 – Penha-UFRJ Hospital.
Bus route 945 – Pavuna-UFRJ campus.
Bus route 997 – Canto do Rio- International Airport.
Bus route 998 – Charitas-Galeão.

Access by BRT

Get off the bus at BRT Fundão Terminal – Aroldo Melodia and take the UFRJ bus (circular 1 or circular 2 via Park).

Access by subway

Get off at Del Castilho station and take the 596a express bus.