Five new companies become part of the Coppe/UFRJ Business Incubator


The Coppe/UFRJ Business Incubator received five new residents in October. The startups were selected through a tender and can remain incubated for three years, renewable for an additional two years. The companies selected were Polen, an online marketplace for wastes and secondary materials marketing, such as disposable packages; Eagle, a platform which allows the formation of a ranking of athletes based on  training videos and the improvement of their recruitment process ; Rockare, a company of processing and interpretation of petrophysical data and digital physics of rocks; Hapiseeds, a company that offers an innovative technology of genetic engineering to increase food production using more environment-friendly practices; and RioBotics, which works on the development of high technology, provision of services and robotics maintenance and  autonomous systems to replace and provide assistance to risk operations currently involving human beings.